Technical Services Overview

Technical Services


Building reliable IT platform solutions and maintaining them runs in our blood at Space Age Technologies. In 2001, we pioneered the business model of providing 24×7 monitoring, with proactive maintenance and support at a fixed fee. At the time, no IT service provider in South Africa provided equivalent services to the SME.

Since then, we have integrated international standards such as IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) as well as management practices such as Theory of Constraints (TOC) to ensure our services remain world class.

For us to provide you with a solid IT platform, we prefer to be able to provide all four major phases of an IT solution: Architect, Implement, Manage and Support. For this reason, they are shown as an integrated service, although each, in theory, stands on its own. The last two services are combined into a Managed Service which ensures your IT solution is maintained and supported 24×7.

Fundamental to successfully building and maintaining these IT platforms is the skills, at varying levels of specialisation, to do so. As technology constantly evolves, it is also critical that these skills keep pace with change. The separation of these skill sets into groups, or Technology Stacks, allows us to identify champions for each group and to structure the layered skillsets accordingly.